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Barcode and RFID Devices


Wifi barcode scanner and bluetooth barcode scanner


Wifi barcode scanner commonly called PDT (Portable Data Terminal) requires an access point, while bluetooth barcode scanner does not need it.

Wifi barcode scanners usually have a display, while bluetooth barcode scanners generally don't have a display.

Wifi barcode scanners have operating systems like Windows Mobile or Windows CE, but nowadays almost no one sells them.

Currently barcode scanners available on the market almost all use the Android operating system.

Bluetooth barcode scanner works by pairing system with PC or Laptop.

The bluetooth barcode scanner that we usually sell has a pairing distance of 100 meters from the computer and has a buffer.

Because it has a buffer, if the distance from the computer is more than 100 meters.

If it is within a radius of 100 meters, the scan results will be sent directly to the computer, but if the radius is more than 100 meters or blocked by concrete, the scan results are temporarily stored in the buffer, if the signal is received, it will be sent directly to the computer.

About 10 years ago, if we were selling bluetooth barcode scanners, we needed to survey the warehouse to see the physical warehouse. Nowadays, with buffer technology, all of that is no longer necessary.

Barcode printer

We provide small and large barcode printers, 203 dpi and 300 dpi barcode printers.

We also provide consumables such as barcode labels and ribbons.




The barcode device will increase the accuracy of the stock in your warehouse, this will really help when the process of picking and checking goods.

Checker's accuracy will be greatly helped by the barcode system in the warehouse.




RFID Devices


RFID is the future of barcodes. RFID enables warehouse automation without individual scans, reducing personnel to scan. Tags can be installed at pallet, box or pcs level.




The RFID system in the warehouse also increases stock accuracy plus the bonus can reduce the number of personnel in the warehouse.